Adata Power Bank Review – PT100 (10000mah Power bank) with Pros and Cons

Adata Power Bank Review – PT100 (10000mah Power bank) with Pros and Cons

This is Adata power bank review of PT100 (10000mah). I have made this review after complete research so lets begin.

Adata PT100 is a very old power bank but it’s still a power player when it comes to built quality, features, and conversion rate. Also this is one of the Adata 10000mah power banks. You can use this power bank to charge smartphones, camera, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, fitness bands, etc.

Now let’s see detailed specifications of this power bank.

Adata PT 100 Specifications (Detailed)

Inside the Box

Inside the box of this power bank there is user manual, charging cable and the power bank itself. The cable quality is good and serves its job very well.

Design & Built

Adata PT100 is 14 cm long, 6.3 cm broad, 2.2 cm thick, and weighs 286g. It has good built quality with sturdy design and made from a good quality plastic.

Battery & Performance

Adata PT100 has lithium-ion battery instead of lithium polymer, though lithium polymer is lighter and thinner than lithium-ion but lithium-ion provides more charge cycles, so it will last you long.

It has 10000mah battery capacity and gives 8000mah of output (80% conversion rate), which can be consider as good as no power bank on the earth provides 100% conversion rate (some power gets wasted during power transfer).

Adata PT100 has high quality battery components, which offers superior stability and hence extended lifespan.

It comes with a power on/off button and 4 LED indicators to show battery status from which if all 4 LEDs are blinking it means power bank has 100 to 80 percent power, if 3 are blinking it means there’s 80 to 60 percent power, if 2 are blinking it means there’s 60 to 40 percent power and if only 1 is blinking it means it has 40 to 10 percent power.

USB outputs

It has 2 USB outputs, one is of 1 A (which is ideally designed for small devices like Bluetooth headphones, fitness bands, etc) and other one is of 2.1 A.

Additional Features

Adata PT100 supports pass through charging and it takes 8 hrs to charge itself.

It comes with smart power saving mode, which means when you leave this power bank idle for half minute(around 20-30sec) it will automatically shut down, which will save some power and will automatically starts charging when connected to any device without pressing on button and will automatically shut down when the device is completely charged, so it protects the device from overcharging.

One thing to note here, it does not support fast charging, which should not be concern if your phone does not support fast charging.

It also comes with a LED torch with 4 lighting modes, you can turn the torch on or off by simply long pressing the power button.

Safety Features

Talking about safety, it comes with multiple circuit protection which means, if there’s a short circuit it automatically disables charging and there will be only 4th LED blink, indicating the short circuit and it is also protected from over charging, over voltage.


Adata PT100 comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Now it’s time to see pros and cons of this power bank.


Good built quality.

Very good safety features.

Good efficiency (80% conversion rate).

Special features.


A bit heavy.

So, this was the Adata power bank review of PT100.

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Now let’s move toward its logical conclusion.

Logical Conclusion of Adata Power Bank Review of PT100 (10000mah power bank)

If you are looking for durable power bank with good safety features and good conversion rate then you can go for it. Syska x110 also have same features like this this power bank. You can read its detailed review here.

If weight is not concern for you, as some people may found this power bank a bit heavy, then this power bank is for you.

If you are looking for lightweight compact power bank then Ipro ip 1042 is a good option to consider. You can read its review here.

That’s all for this Adata Power Bank Review. Let me know what you think about this power bank in the comment section below.

Check Price at HERE
Check Price at HERE

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