Ambrane P1122 Power Bank Review (10000mah Power Bank) with Pros and Cons. Everything You Need to Know. A complete Buying Guide.

Ambrane P1122 (10000mah) Power Bank
Ambrane P1122 (10000mah) Power Bank

This article is all about Ambrane P1122 Power Bank Review, so let’s begin.

Ambrane is one of the electronics manufacturer company well known for made in India products and P1122 power bank is no exception for that. Ambrane P1122 is launched earlier this year and it got very good response from users as well.

Ambrane P-1122 Specifications (Detailed)

Inside the Box

Inside the box of this power bank there is user manual, charging cable and the power bank itself. The charging cable is of good quality and around 15 cm long which serves its job very well.

Design & Built

This power bank has 144 mm height, 62 mm width, 21 mm thickness and weighs 300g. It comes with a fresh modern design with good built quality.

It has power on/off buttons and 4 LED indicators to show battery status. This power bank comes with three colour option with same price tag, which is rare in case of power banks.

Battery & Performance

It has 10000 mah battery capacity and gives 8500 mah of output, which is better comparing to its competitors. It comes with Samsung cells inside which are long lasting. The charging time of this power bank is 11 to 12 hours.

USB outputs

This power bank has 3 USB outputs of 2.1 A and you can charge 3 devices at the same time.

Additional Features

Ambrane P1122 comes with a 180° rotating torch light, which is bright comparing to other power banks which comes with torch, that’s because it has 4 LEDs embedded in torch.

If u switch on the torch only it will last above 5 hours which is good for travelling, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Safety Features

Talking about safety, it is protected from over discharge, high temperature and short circuit.


It has 1 year warranty.

Now it’s time to see pros and cons of this power bank.


– A fresh modern design with good built quality.

– Very good efficiency (85% conversion rate)

– 3 USB outputs.

– 180° rotating torch.


– Heavy body.

This was Ambrane P1122 power bank review (COMPLETE).

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Ambrane P1122 Review (Detailed)

Now let’s move towards its logical conclusion.

Logical Conclusion of Ambrane P1122 Power Bank Review

If you are looking for durable, long lasting power bank with unique looks and design you can go for it. It also has the best torch among the power banks which comes with torch, making it ideal companion for travelling, hiking and other outdoor activities.

It is heavy and somewhat bulky that’s the only drawback I found in this power bank, so if you are not concerned about that, this power bank could be ideal for you.

It will keep you charged up and will not let you in dark.

That’s all about this power bank. Let me know what you think about Ambrane P1122 Power Bank Review in the comments section below.

Check Price at HERE
Check Price at HERE

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