How to choose a power bank for your phone? 9 TIPS (9th is SHOCKING)

How to choose a power bank for your phone? 9 TIPS (9th is SHOCKING)

Power Bank Ultimate Buying Guide
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Now a days power bank becomes a common mobile accessory. But there are many power banks power banks available at different price range and different companies which causes confusion and the question arises how to choose a power bank for your phone?

              Well I’m here to answer this question. I’m going to share some points with you which will help you deciding which kind of power bank will be good for you.


Why power bank?

Now-a-days mobiles are getting slimmer and slimmer, there is massive increase in the performance of mobile and the mobile batteries didn’t last long at the same time as there is massive increase in mobile usage. That’s why we need a power bank so that we can charge our devices whenever and wherever portably and continue using them.

                But there are many companies in the market which offer power banks in different price range, different capacity and different designs as well. So now I’m going share with you some points which will help you choosing right power bank for you.

How to choose power bank for phone
How to choose power bank for phone infographic


You will find power bank from 1500mah to 30000mah battery capacity. Now you have to decide how much power capacity you want. Also you have to decide if you want portability or more charge time.

                One thing to note here is that, if you choose a power bank of 10000mah and you have 2500mah battery capacity phone then it doesn’t mean that it will charge your phone 4 times. Ya the power bank has 10000mah battery capacity but some power gets wasted in the transferring the power from power bank to mobile.

               So now the question arises how much power will be wasted in transferring? It really varies from 10% to 30% of total capacity of power bank depending upon quality of power bank.

               One thing to note that, any power bank gives its best performance only after it is charged and discharged at least 8-10 times. You can not judge performance of any power bank after 2 or 3 charge cycles. Once 8 to 10 charge cycles of any power bank gets complete then it will give it’s peak performance.


Essential features

2. Pass through charging

Pass through charging basically means that you can charge Power bank and your mobile through the power bank at the same time.

         This is one of the essential feature you should look in a power bank. The reason behind it is that, power banks does not comes with charging adaptor. So you have to use your mobile charging adaptor to charge the power bank. This feature comes into play while travelling or any other time when your mobile battery and power bank is dead and now you have to charge them both. Utilizing this feature first your mobile will get charged and after that power bank will start charging itself.

This feature does not comes in all power banks for ex., mi power banks have this feature and oneplus power banks lacks it.


3. Protection

As the power banks have very high capacity battery and you are going to carry it along with you in your pocket or bag that’s why protection becomes vital.

         Usually power banks from branded big companies like sony, lenovo, Xiaomi, oneplus, samsung, anchor etc. and some other smaller companies like ambran, intex etc offers four types of protection such as over charging, over voltage, short circuit and high temperature.

         It’s always a good idea to look for these protection features while buying a power bank so that there will not be any harm to your power bank, mobile and most importantly to yourself as well.


4. Outputs

Power banks comes with single,double charging ports some power banks also comes with three to four charging ports.

          So now you have to decide how many charging ports you want according to your requirements? If you want to charge multiple devices you should go for power bank with multiple charging ports.

         One thing to note that in some multiple charging port power banks, power of charging ports varies ex., if a power bank have two charging ports one will be of 2 amperes and the other charging port will be of 1 ampere. The voltage for all the ports usually is same i. e. 5V or 5.1V.                                             

           The 1 ampere charging port is generally designed to charge smaller devices like bluetooth headphones and fitness bands.



Some users may have a mobile which supports quick charging they can utilize their fast charging feature with power bank too.

           There are some power banks which supports fast charging. These power banks not only will charge themselves fast but also your mobile.

           So now you don’t have to connect your phone to power bank forever. You’ll get enough power by connecting your phone to fast charging power bank for half to one hour.



Besides essential feature some power banks have some extra features.

          Some power banks have inbuilt LED torch, which comes in handy during emergency, power-cuts and outdoor activities like camping, hiking.

             Besides some power banks also have inbuilt bluetooth speaker and FM radio.



Usually power banks comes with a USB cable which is relatively short but will serve its job very well.



There are tons of power banks manufacturing companies in the market. Any power bank from reputed company which fulfills your need  would be good to go.


9. Most Important

Don’t buy power bank from local market or local vendors.

            They sell fake power banks, these power banks don’t have batteries capacity they promised. These power banks are complete garbage.

             Some power banks xiaomi power banks are high in demand and supply is low. So there are many fake xiaomi power banks which looks exactly same as original also the weight is same but they are complete garbage.

               Buy power banks from reputed local store or from online stores but you must take a look at the customer reviews before purchasing.

How to choose a power bank for your phone? I think now you have got answer for this question.

I have listed our some budget power banks which comes under Rs 1000.

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