How to identify fake Xiaomi power bank? 7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank. Comparison Between Original and Fake Power Bank (with Images)

Xiaomi Power Banks
Xiaomi Power Banks

                Xiaomi power banks are very popular which is why there are a lot of fake copies in the market. I’m going to give you a quick comparison between a real and fake xiaomi power bank. How to identify fake xiaomi power bank? at the end of this comparison you will get the answer for this question.

                First I would suggest you to buy only from authorized sources

how to identify fake xiaomi power bank
Difference in Mi branding

                 Golden one is fake which was gifted to one of my friends so I borrowed it just for this article. You can see there are some differences that you can notice right away. The branding of the real one is more subtle with a gray colored printing, whereas you have a more pronounced MI branding with white coloured logo on the fake one (The golden coloured unit is fake one).

how to identify fake xiaomi power bank
Difference in printing

                   On the bottom you will find that the printing differs, while the real product gets very subtle printing, it’s very light grey colour on white so it is not very highly readable and it gives you some common specification and certification marks with all the specs that are mentioned, whereas the fake one has much more pronounced printing and misses out on the certification etc which are mentioned on the real one so you can identify by looking at the bottom where the specifications etc are printed.


how to identify fake xiaomi power bank
Difference in LED behavior

                  Another difference is you can tell by clicking the button, the LEDs that light up when you press this button also differ in behavior and the button on the fake one will be much looser. It has a lot of space and is very wobbly compared to a very less depressing button and a very solid and sturdy button of the real one.

how to identify fake xiaomi power bank
Subtle differences in micro USB ports

                  Also few subtle differences of which you can notice by looking at the ports is that the micro USB port with which you charge the power bank have different color of inside units, so there’s a subtle white unit on the interior of this port on the real Xiaomi power bank whereas fake one is kind of black in color on the inside. And there is also a very thin branding of MI on the inside of the real one that you cannot see probably but you will notice the same. I think this is the most important clue among all clues in how to identify fake xiaomi power bank? article.

                      The quality of cable that is supplied is also different. the real one will have a black a coloured plastic in the cable that is supplied, whereas the fake one will have white so you can identify using all these visual cues.

                  Also one more difference which you can probably notice only when you have a real one handy with you is the weight also differs. The fake on uses a cheaper battery probably or less number of battery so it’s also very light in weight and real one is much thicker so the real power bank is much heavier compared to the counter freak.

how to identify fake xiaomi power bank
difference in body

                       You can also see that the ring or the metal around real one is much thicken and more uniform and the finishing of metal is better whereas compared to the fake one which uses a kind of sharp edges and are not uniform and does not look nicely finished.

                        So these are all the differences that you will find on the real versus a fake xiaomi power bank.

How to identify fake Xiaomi power bank? I think you have got answer for this question.

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