Lenovo PA10400 Review with Pros and Cons (10400mah Power Bank). Does it Really Worth Buying?

Lenovo PA10400 Review with Pros and Cons (10400mah Power Bank). Does it Really Worth Buying?

This is Lenovo PA10400 Review with that being said let’s begin the review.

Lenovo is the well-established multinational technology company mostly known as PC manufacturer formerly, but now Lenovo started making mobiles and other accessories too and power bank is one of them.

Lenovo has launched its PA10400 power bank early this year and it got very good response from users as well

It has 10400mah battery capacity so it falls under Lenovo 10000mah power bank category.

You can use this power bank for charging laptop, iPhone, android phones, fitness band, Bluetooth headphones and speakers as well.

This power bank comes in white and black color. Now let’s see what Lenovo is offering in this power bank.

Lenovo PA10400 Specifications

Inside the Box

Inside the box of this power bank there is warranty card, user manual, charging cable, and the power bank itself. The charging cable is of good quality and around 15cm long, which serves its job very well.

Design & Built

This power bank has 14.1 cm height, 6.4 cm width, 2.2 cm thickness and weighs 250g, which makes it handy and easy to carry.

The size of this power bank is almost like 5 to 5.5 inches’ screen phone, though it is a bit thick but will easily fits in your pocket.

Lenovo PA10400 power bank is lightweight comparing to its competitors.

The built quality is moderate (it’s not very well crafted) but made from good quality plastic.

It has power on/off button and 4 LED indicators to show battery status.

Battery & Performance

As the name suggests, it has 10400 mah battery capacity and gives 7500 mah output.

USB outputs

It has 2 USB outputs, both are of 2.1A and can charge two devices at the same time.


The charging time of this Lenovo 10400mah power bank is about 5-6Hrs with quick charger, and 7-8Hrs with normal charger.

Safety Features

Talking about safety, it is protected from over charging, over discharging, and short circuit.


This power bank comes with 1 year warranty.

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Now let’s move to its pros and cons.


⦁ It has a lightweight body.

⦁ Takes very less time to charge itself, comparing to its competitors.


⦁ The built quality is moderate, but made from good quality plastic.

So this was the Lenovo PA10400 Review (COMPLETE).

Now let’s move to its logical conclusion.

Logical Conclusion of Lenovo PA10400 Review

If you are looking for a lightweight power bank from a well-established trusted brand, as considering trusted brands while buying electronic accessories like power bank is always a good idea, you can go for it.

The built quality is moderate and it could be better, which you can expect from a brand like Lenovo but it is ok.

That’s all about Lenovo PA10400 Review. Let me know what you think about this power bank in the comments section below.

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