Syska X110 Power Bank Review (11000mAH) with Pros and Cons (A Complete Buying Guide)

Syska X110 Power Bank Review (11000mAH) with Pros and Cons (A Complete Buying Guide)

SYSKA is one of the Top Leading Power Bank manufacturers in India. Syska power banks are known for its good build quality which is improving day by day. Syska has recently launched a new power bank X110 and soon it became one of the trending power banks. Syska X110 manages to gain tons of customer reviews. If you are looking for a premium looking power bank in budget price then this power bank is for you. This article is all about SYSKA X110 Power Bank Review so let’s begin.

First lets see the detailed specifications of this power bank.

Syska X110 Specifications (Detailed)

This is one of the new and trending power banks (as mentioned above) which comes with a warranty card, user manual, charging cable and the power bank itself. The quality of the charging cable is good and has sufficient length. You can use this power bank to charge smartphones, tablets and other devices like Bluetooth speakers and headphones, fitness band etc.

Design & Built

This power bank is 16.8 cm long, 11 cm broad, 4 cm thick and weighs 272 grams, which makes it handy. The size of it is almost like 5 to 5.5 inches’ screen phone, though it is a bit thick but will easily fits in your pocket.

It has power on/off button and 4 LED indicators to show battery status, which is common in almost all power bank but the LEDs are blue which is something different and looks cool.

Talking about built quality, Syska x110 probably have the best built quality among mid-range power banks. It comes with a very good built quality and sturdy design, which feels premium in hand. Syska x110 power bank review would be incomplete without mentioning this outstanding feature of this power bank.

Syska x110 is made from ABS plastic. ABS housing plastic has very good heat resistance and excellent physical properties.

Battery & Performance

Syska x110  has battery capacity of 11000 mah and gives 8000 mah of output, which is a bit low but can be expected from a mid-range power bank. Also no power bank on the earth gives 100% conversion rate (some power gets wasted in transferring the power).

USB outputs

Now it has 2 USB output, 1 output is of 1A and other one is of 2.1A and it can charge two devices simultaneously. Which is a relief on many occasions, mostly when you are travelling with your group as you can charge two devices at the same time. There are some power banks which offers three USB outputs like Ambrane P1122 (You can check its Detailed review HERE).


Syska X110 supports fast charging so, here is the advantage for users having mobiles which supports fast charging. It can charge 3000mah battery powered phone under 2hrs with 2.1A charging port and under 2hr 30mins with 1A charging port. So you don’t have to wait too long to charge your devices and it takes less time to charge itself too (if you charge it with a fast charger) which could be a relief on many occasions.

The charging time of this power bank is 12 to 13 hours (from 0% to 100%) with a normal charger and it takes 7 to 8 hours with fast charger.

Additional Features

It also supports pass through charging, so you can charge this power bank and your device through this power bank at the same time, this feature comes into play in emergency (This practice is not recommended and should only use in emergency).

It also comes with intelligent power management feature, which automatically turns off the power bank after 10-15 seconds of inactivity (when power bank is not connected to any devices or charging itself), which will help saving power.

Safety Features

Talking about safety, it has an IC protection to avoid overcharging, over discharging, and short circuit.


This  power bank comes with 6 months’ warranty.

Now it’s time to move towards pros and cons of this power bank.

Pros and Cons


– Good Built Quality and Sturdy Design

– Supports Fast Charging

– Supports Pass Through Charging

– Good Safety Features

– Energy Saving Mode


– Low efficiency (72% conversion rate)


So this was the Syska x110 power bank review (Complete).


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Now let’s move to its Logical Conclusion.

Logical Conclusion of Syska X110 power Bank Review

If you want a premium looking power bank with good built quality then you can go for it. You wont see any spaces between power button or anywhere in the body like Lenovo PA10400 have.

It has a bit low conversion rate, that’s the only drawback I found in this power bank.

Let me know if you have any doubts regarding this power bank in comments section below.

Check Price at HERE
Check Price at HERE

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